The Father of Caffeine

The Father of Caffeine 

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge


Google had a pretty cool doodle today and I thought I would share it with you all if you haven’t seen it!

Today, Google is celebrating Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. Runge was responsible for the identification of the chemical compound, caffeine in 1819. When Runge was a young scientist, he impressed a German Barron named Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (excellent name) with his research and extraction of the poisonous Belladonna plant. Goethe was so impressed, he gave Runge a box of unroasted coffee to analyze and from that exchange, Runge discovered and identified caffeine.

Caffeine naturally occurs in several things other than coffee: Cocoa beans used in chocolate, tea leaves and many different fruits and berries. But I think it’s pretty cool that the discovery happened with coffee.


Drink more coffee, even if you don’t need the caffeine.


-Jimmy D.

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