The Easiest/Cheapest Way to Get Better Coffee

If you are new to specialty coffee, there is something you need to just commit to doing that will cost you about $10 and completely change how you drink coffee: Buy a kitchen scale. 

If you’re like how I was, this sounds like a silly expense and you’d rather spend $10 on something else. But if you are making coffee every morning, you need to add a kitchen scale to your home coffee setup. Here’s why:



I know that most of us are familiar with those little coffee scoops, but I think those scoops can be misleading. In my personal experience, I’ve never been consistent when I use those tools, I usually just give it my best guess. But when I do that, I tend to get several different versions of the same coffee, one is weaker, one is way too bitter and no one gets to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee. If you are paying specialty coffee prices, then you need to invest the extra $10 for a cheap scale to get the most out of your coffee. You can buy expensive scales, but for the casual coffee drinker, the $10 purchase will do just fine. More precision, more consistency.


Enjoy different recipes

You might just think coffee is a straightforward beverage for caffeine consumption, sorry for being THIS mean, but you’re wrong. When you step away from the coffee machine and try different manual brewing methods, there are seriously endless ways you can make a cup of coffee. The scale is great for your standard coffee machine and will definitely make an immediate difference in your daily coffee, but it becomes an even more necessary tool the more you try different brewing methods. Buy. A. Scale.


Don’t waste coffee

I hate wasting fresh coffee, but it is so easy to do when you have no idea exactly how much you have or need. Like I mentioned before, it’s really easy to make a pot of coffee way too strong or weak when you guess on how much coffee to use. You might be able to make it through and drink that coffee, but why? When you buy a scale, you will know exactly how much coffee to use and never waste coffee again.


When anyone asks me what they should do to get more out of their coffee, I always say to start with buying a scale. Even before you buy a coffee grinder, buy the scale. If you aren’t ready to sink a couple hundred dollars on a good electric grinder, just wait and try using a scale. Buy one that is cheap that will tell you how many grams of coffee you use or need, that’s all it really needs to do. Obviously the grinder is a huge step in having better coffee, but the simple kitchen scale will get you better coffee, with the least monetary investment.



Jimmy D.

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