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I am not internet savvy. I am competent enough, but not terribly proficient in website management or design. Thanks to platforms like Shopify it is easier, but I have noticed I am still not great at this aspect of sales. All that to say, I think I have figured out the issues with the subscription management aspect of the site. If you are having troubles, I hope they will be fixed by following these simple steps to make your life easy and to make the process of receiving coffee at your home effortless. Here we go. 

When you subscribe you can make a profile, but in order to manage your subscription you will need to verify that account via these next few steps:

1. Click the account icon at the top right part of the screen.

2. Create an account using the email and password you used to order coffee or if you haven't ordered yet create one now.


3. You will be taken to a screen like this where you can then manage every aspect of your coffee subscription experience! Pretty simple really.



I apologize for the inconvenience some of you have experienced, I am never pleased when my product or the experience you have doesn't measure up because I really take pride in the whole experience we offer. Please, if you have any questions send them to me. I really want to help! My email is, give me a shout!



Jimmy D.

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