My Introduction to Coffee

I was introduced to specialty coffee back in 2011 at a coffee shop in a small town Central Arkansas. Overall, I have a really bad memory, but I am certain I remember ordering a french pressed Ethiopian coffee at the recommendation of the barista, I didn’t really know what I was doing so when he asked if I wanted room for cream, I very smugly responded, “No” because I figured that I would seem cool/hip. I will admit the first sip caught me off guard because I only started drinking coffee in college as a way to stay alert during lectures and homework. Before this I only ever bought random coffee from Walmart and brewed it in my dorm on my tiny coffee maker, but I quickly started to love the different flavors I was now tasting in comparison to what I was used to. Ever since then I have looked for different ways to make coffee and different shops to try, but for some reason I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first experience. SO great!

Something that has come up in conversations lately is the inconvenience of specialty coffee. Whether it be the price, time it takes to make, etc, the inconvenience of specialty coffee can be a stumbling block for many and I totally understand. You really can’t beat the speed and efficiency of a single-cup pod brewer, and I totally understand the appeal. When my son was first born, I have vivid memories of rocking him to sleep and making a single cup from the pod-brewer, the coffee was alright and I was caffeinated, that was all I needed. 

But what I want to get at in this post is that there is so much better out there, and it really doesn’t take as much time or effort as you imagine. On our Facebook, you can see my 3 year old daughter brewing on an Aeropress; if I could trust her with boiling water, she could absolutely do it without my help. Coffee is a necessity for so many people, why not enjoy it? Maybe the manual brewers aren’t your speed, here is a link to several batch brewers that will make the most out of your specialty coffee experience: 

Yes, the prices on these machines can be high, but really not much higher than the pod brewers you find in stores, and like I said before - your coffee is about to be way better! Wait for a sale and make the purchase! Go to your local shop like I did and ask what the baristas like to drink, it might leave you with an experience you never forget! Honestly, I think we offer a pretty great step into the specialty coffee market for people who are used to drinking coffee and want to try something new, but there are so many options out there. Don’t just try us out, part of the fun of this type of market is that there are so many contributors doing incredible things. I hope you give us a try, but I really hope you find something you like! 

If you have any questions about brewers, coffee or anything else feel free to send me an email at I get a weird satisfaction when it comes to sharing coffee. I am no expert but I do love talking coffee and sharing ideas. As always, thanks for your support, so excited to see what happens next.


Jimmy D.

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