Little Steps, Every Day

What are you doing today that will make your future better?

I know you came here for coffee, but I want to make a point about life, using basketball, to relate back to coffee. I am a huge basketball and NBA fan and since it’s late August there is nothing better to do than watch old games and throw out random speculations usually based on little to no evidence about the next season that starts this Fall. The trend among NBA players right now is to have a pretty constant social media stream of summer workouts they are doing. Most are pretty ridiculous and look super difficult, but as CJ McCollum (pro baller) says, “If it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen.” The NBA season is long and injuries are really common, if a player doesn’t put in the work in summer, they will risk losing their spot on the team and on top of that risk serious injury. 

We look at these guys and say, “Well if I was making that much money then I would workout like that too.” No we wouldn’t. We say that because we see the salaries they make and think that would be enough to motivate us to push our bodies and minds to the next level. I think salary have little to do with the success of a professional athlete, and most of the time has little to do with the successes we have in our careers as well. I would be naive to say it didn’t have an effect at all, but when someone pursues their passion as a career, you can tell they don’t mind putting in the extra time and effort today to have a payoff in the future.

These guys are professionals because their entire lives have been based around becoming better and stronger every day. Once they found their gift, they pursued it and made sure they put in time on and off the court to achieve their goals. I reference professional athletes because of the hyperbole they represent for the rest of mankind. It’s easier to see how their success is determined by the work they put into their bodies because we can physically see how they progress over their careers. It’s more difficult to apply that to our own lives. But no matter what you do, putting in the time and effort in the little things will pay off in the future.

We started Devine Coffee this year and it’s been so great! People have been buying and enjoying the coffee and I love hearing that. A question I am starting to get from friends and family once they see the website and the different posts is, “Have you made any money yet?” The answer: Absolutely not. Totally valid question, by the way, but I believe I am putting in the time and effort to grow this for this for the future. Putting in the work now, putting in the time now, writing the blog posts that probably 5 people read — NOW! I want to put out good content and deliver excellent coffee to people, but that’s not going to happen if I sit here and wait for you to come to me. I need to be doing the little things that eventually lead to bigger things. This business started that way! A small conversation about roasting on a whirly pop popcorn maker has lead me to where I am today. Little things and little steps over time can make your future better.

I am incredibly lucky. This isn’t my main job, I am lucky enough to be pursuing two things I am incredibly passionate about. I am happy every day. Some days are better than others, but I am happy to put in the time and effort to do the small things because I love both of my jobs. I know everyone isn’t in that situation, but I also know that you have the ability today to make a small decision towards a goal you’ve set for yourself. Maybe you want to quit the job and pursue something else, maybe you want a promotion — whatever it is you can make a small decision or adjustment today that might make a big difference tomorrow. This isn’t just a motivational blog post about your goals, this is a play-by-play of what is a happening with Devine Coffee, I am literally experiencing this right now.

What are you doing today? What have you already done? Are you doing the little things today that will make your future more exciting and your profession more enjoyable? Putting in the time is the only way to get the end result you are looking for.


Jimmy D.

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