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In one of my previous articles, I wrote that the cheapest way to get more out of your coffee was to buy a kitchen scale. Hopefully you did and now you are having a more consistent cup or maybe you are playing around with different ratios to see what you like best!

After you buy your kitchen scale, your next move definitely needs to be a grinder. I know that not everyone has a coffee grinder, you might not feel that you need one if you are only drinking one cup a day. I would argue the opposite. Once the coffee is put through a grinder, it almost immediately begins to lose favor. It’s no different from grilling a chicken breast; if you cut into the chicken too soon or too many times, a lot of that flavor is wasted and never makes it to the plate. It’s the same idea with coffee. The longer you wait to use the coffee after it has been ground, the more flavor you never taste in your cup. If you look on our website, you’ll see that we do offer to grind you coffee if you do not own a coffee grinder — that is because we want to meet you where you are on your coffee drinking experience. If you don’t own a coffee grinder, our coffee will still taste great when it is delivered to your door, but it could be even better if you grind the beans yourself.

My recommendation is to buy a burr grinder. I know that blade grinders are cheaper, but they do a poor job of executing an even grind, which is what you want for your coffee. A burr grinder has a hopper on top that you put the whole bean coffee in to before grinding. When you have put the coffee in the hopper and turned on your machine, the coffee will be sent through the burrs to be ground to the size you have chosen. The good thing about burr grinders is that you get to choose how coarse or fine your coffee will be. If you want to make a pour over, you can set a medium grind and get a nice even and consistent grind perfect for your v60. Or if you want to make a cold brew, you can get a nice coarse grind that will do well steeping for a long time. This is different from a blade grinder because in a burr grinder, once the coffee is ground, it goes into a separate chamber so that it won’t continue to be ground. With a blade grinder, consistency is nearly impossible since the coffee stays in the same chamber as the blade for the duration of the grind. 


As far as prices go…there are a lot of options.


If you are a one-cup-a-day person or just want a cheaper option, don’t kill you budget because trust me, you can. 


If you want a mid-grade and ultra reliable grinder, give this a look. (This is what I have and I love it):


And then from there, you can spend all the money in the world. But the point of this article is to stress the importance of buying your own grinder. If you’re investing money into buying specialty coffee, make the most of it and get yourself a grinder.


- Jimmy D. 

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  • Great news! It is a great article and the coffee is The Best!

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